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"In Search Of Wonders"

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The Magnificent Meeting of Taste and Image: An Impressive Experience with Unique Food and Product Photographs;

I invite you to a unique visual journey, to a world where taste and aesthetics integrate. I am Aslı Güvenç, a passionate artist in the field of food and product photography, with the mission of presenting the highest form of visual expression...

Food and Drink
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ASLI GÜVENÇ Food & Product Photographer


 Aslı Güvenç - Food and Product Photographer

 Aslı Güvenç, who was born in Istanbul in 1982 and completed Koç University Business Administration and Boğaziçi University MBA programs, has been actively interested in photography since 2007. She studied Fashion Photography and Styling at Istanbul Fashion Academy in 2009. After working as a white-collar professional in the pharmaceutical industry for fifteen years, she has been producing works in the field of Food and Product Photography since 2015. Aslı Güvenç, who was chosen as the Food Photography Artist of the Year in 2021 by the Foton Photography Association, whose founders include photography master Coşkun Aral,  In addition to photography, She creates surreal photography using artificial intelligence and shares her knowledge and experience with the Food Photography workshops she attends.


  • 2004 Koc University Business Administration

  • 2008 Landon Nordeman Modern Face of Istanbul Workshop

  • 2009 Istanbul Moda Academy Fashion Photography & Styling Certificate

  • 2010 Patrizia Beninca Black & Shapes Fashion Photography Workshop

  • 2011 Bogazici University MBA

  • 2013 Alexander Berg Studio and Fashion Lighting Workshop

  • 2014 Benjamin Wong Masterclass

Food and Drink

Services & portfolio

  • Food Photography: Each plate displays an elegant dance of flavor and visuality. In my food photography, I offer meticulous shots to present your taste in the most attractive and seductive way.

  • Product Photography: I take shots to capture the character of your products, highlight them and deliver them to potential customers. I offer an aesthetic perspective that highlights every detail.

  • Prop Stylist: I create a visual story in every frame with my expertise in decorative elements, color palettes and details to be used in your photo shoots.

  • Venue Photography: I aim to impress your potential customers by reflecting the atmosphere and architecture of your restaurants, cafes or other venues in the best possible way.

  • Social Media Shooting: By taking special shots for Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, I strengthen the digital presence of your brand and focus on impressing your follower base.

Why me?

  • Combination of Art and Technology: I combine art with the science behind photography. I offer a unique visual experience by combining aesthetics and detail with my state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Special Approach: Every shoot is a work of art for me. I produce solutions specific to your needs and create a visual language that best reflects your business.

References; Grandma's Wonderland, Healin Teşvikiye, Mürver Karaköy, SAM Kitchen & Bar, WhiteMill Akaretler, Boho Hotel, Boho Bakery, Six Senses Kaplankaya, La Mia Luce Suadiye, Rua Suadiye, Tommi Brasserie Zorlu, Dardenia, Hudson, Orient Istanbul, Emiroğlu Baklavaları, Babana Beach Türkbükü, Sail Loft Gündoğan, Limon Gümüşlük, Swiss Hotel Maçka, Fi Botanicals, Tat Gıda, Sek Gıda, Tribal Istanbul, Spring & Kos, Incek Loft Ankara, Olidya Organik Zeytinyağ, Gasto Local Teşvikiye, HupaLupa Istanbul, İoki Restaurant Istanbul, Picus Food


Take a look at my portfolio and take an aesthetic journey with me;

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